Best Materials For Garden Fountain

Do you want your garden to look impressive and beautiful?

There are so many ways to let this happen. One most recommended and used option among the outdoor water features is the fountain. Fountains are part of the garden embellishment for years. It is there to give a fantasy look to the garden and the feature of being a platform to call the attention of birds, insects, and much more. There are so many ways to make the fountain look beautiful in the garden. Suppose you want your fountain to look amazing in your garden. In that case, you need to consider the material that is used in the construction. Here is an insight into the materials that you may like to use for your fountain. 

Cast stone 

Water fountains in melbourne made with cat stone will stay long in your garden because they are durable. Cast stone is the hard concrete that is molded into the shape of a fountain. Once the molding is done, the fountain looks like a stone. The fountains give a natural look to the entire garden. There is nothing to worry about about the weight. Although it seems heavy, the fact is otherwise. They are so lightweight that you can change their place by simply lifting them and moving them to another location. What can be bothering these fountains is the extremely low temperature. In low-temperature zones, you need to save them in a safe place. 


Limited size gardens are not spacious to hold something that looks heavy. For such spaces, it is a good idea to get the fountains made with ceramic. These fountains are known for being self-contained. They have a relaxing appearance. It is easy to customize the ceramic fountain according to your personal choice and preferences. 


Water fountains made with metal are a stylish entrant into the world fountains. They make your garden get the Italian look. It is just a perfect fountain choice for the gardens that receive regular gatherings. These metal fountains can be further decorated with other add-ons like statues, metal birds, and butterflies. The famous metal choices to create the metal fountain include bronze, copper, steel, and aluminum.


Plastic Fountains are a popular trend in the market. The plastic fountains are a combo of plastic, resin, or polyresin. These fountains are great if you have limited money in your pocket and want to get something that is best. What impresses the users the most is the lightweight. They are suitable to fit in your pocket, but at the same time, durability is in question. They can get impacted by the harsh weather conditions very easily. They may be subject to wearing, tearing, and fading quite easily.