Month: December 2019

SSD As A Replacement Of HDD And Some Disadvantages…

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From Orkut to Facebook, from desktop to laptop and then palm tops how this world of technology has drastically changed; surprisingly there are so many other things which have not been aforementioned but still changed in a surprising way. The point to mention here is that modernize version of all is much better, durable and free from all the glitches similarly the most fragile part of the computer that is hard drive because it contains some serious data has emerged differently as well. The previous version of the hard drive is known as HDD and now as a replacement something more advanced, fast and durable has been introduced in the market i.e. SSD (solid state drive) which is comparatively faster, durable, lighter, energy efficient and most importantly allows extremely spacious environment for the data; available in TBs, GBs and even MBs.

SSDs over HDDs: Hard drive is a conventional method; a system and method which is still prevailing in tech industry successfully but there are some special features which have captivated the market in a better way. Actually continuously small parts inside the disk create enormous heat and pressure on the movement of the technical gadgets, SSD provides not only better and faster performance, but also cooler environment. According to a research SSD has been labeled as a huge pen drive (USB) since the same mechanism has been established in SSD; technology like NAND is considered equal to the flash memory. Aforementioned reasons make SSD a better choice over HDD and clients majorly prefer to opt SSD as compare to latter option.

Loopholes in SSD: reading and writing aspect of a normal hard disk prevails in SSD too exactly in the same way; but just like every other thing of this world SSD also has some trivial loop holes which create an unfavorable situation for the users. Firstly removing obsolete data or updating it is a complete task while using SSD in a laptop or desktops, as in order to update one block or sector of the data it has to refresh the complete data set altogether, as a result it require more time than usual. In layman term to understand the data update in SSD can be understood with a simple example: it’s like extracting the old data, shifting it to the new block and then erasing the aspects of the data present on the old block and again re-write the new data on the old block (updated version of the data). It becomes easier when the disk is on resting mode (which means not functioning) and it helps to speed up the process.

If there is something happend in your SSD, you can look for SSD data recovery.